All You Need To Know About Biometric Handgun Safes

Firearm ownership, particularly, handguns, has tremendously skyrocketed over the past few years due to deterioration of security, both international and domestic. If you own a handgun right now, chances are you’re relying on it to protect your family and property from external invasion. Your long-term hope after buying the gun is that it should not pose a danger to the people it’s supposed to protect. For sure, your worst nightmare would be your kids accessing your gun and hurting themselves or others. Most gun owners ensure such incidents never see the light of the day by keeping their weapons under lock and key. If you are among individuals keeping their handguns under lock and key thinking they are absolutely safe, well, you’ll need to give it a hard thought again.

The traditional lock and key gun safes or the upgraded push button combinations might not be able to deter determined kids or burglars. Also, they are disadvantageous because when there is a home invasion and split second reactions are needed, these safes might not be that easy to open. Recollecting the digits or pinpointing the location of the keys during high-pressure moments can be challenging. In essence, this means that the right-hand gun safe should be way smarter than the people trying to breach them and highly responsive when the hour of need arises.

Over the past few years, gun safe manufacturers have been able to design biometric handgun safes that enable only the owner to access the handgun in a snap of the finger, thanks to advances in technology.

What are biometric handgun safes?All You Need To Know About Biometric Handgun Safes

The biometric technology was innovated to make use of an individual’s exceptional physical traits to map out and confirm his or her identity. Regarding biometric safes, they rely on human fingerprints to pop up the safe. Because no individuals on planet earth can share a single fingerprint pattern, the biometric system is a guaranteed way to identify and confirm an individual’s identity effectively. This, essentially, means that only your fingerprint can open the gun safe, alleviating the risk of kids accessing your weapon.

Considerations before buying a biometric handgun safe

1. The speed of opening the safe

How quick the biometric handgun safe can be opened is the most important factor to consider when looking to buy one. You need to have quick access to your gun whenever danger strikes. After all, the real reason for buying a handgun was to ensure the safety of your family when danger lurks, and when dangers lurk, split second decisions could save the day. It’s true that some biometric handguns safes take long to read your fingerprints. Others are so superior that they only take seconds to read your prints and pop up the safe. Always go for the fastest option.

2. Look at the Price

Biometric handgun safes are obtainable at really reasonable prices, for instance, you can get as low as $50. For the hind-end ones, you might need to cough up $300 or more. It’s advisable not to dwell on the pricing aspect as the protection they offer supersedes initial costs.

3. Check out the manufacturer

There are many brands of biometric handguns safes in the marketplace today, but choosing a renowned and revered brand will save you a lot in terms of durability and cost of repair in case of glitches. Some brands out there will promise impeccable functionality only to give you a run-around with poor results. Some of the top brands in the marketplace you should consider include GunVault, Viking Security, Barska, Winchester Safes, American Security (Am Sec) and so on.

4. Consider Battery life

Battery life is an essential element in any biometric handgun safe, so it doesn’t go off at the hour of need. An average battery life of 6 months is ideal.

5. Ensure the manufacturer has attached a warranty

A warranty is a guarantee that the manufacturer will repair or replace the biometric handgun safe in case a malfunction occurs within a stipulated period. Ensure the product contains at least one year warranty.

6. Data retention or recovery

Ensure data is immediately recovered any moment the battery is changed.

7. Perform a rigorous research

Before buying any biometric handgun safe, head online and research the manufacturer’s credentials. You can ascertain this by evaluating customer reviews. If reviews are positive, try finding a friend or relative who has ever used the product to give you a firsthand take. This way you’ll quickly get to grips with the best and authentic biometric handgun safe.

Advantages of biometric handgun safes

· Zero possibility of forgetting or losing your fingerprint

One can easily lose their keys in the case of lock and key hand gun safes. You could also forget the code combination in an emergency situation, which could lead to injury or loss of life. With Biometric handgun safes, there is absolutely no chance of forgetting or losing’ your fingerprints as you only need to place a hand on the reader.

· Speed

Biometric handgun safes can be popped up in one or two seconds compared to the traditional lock and key, push button combination or radial dial combination options, which can eat up vital seconds of your time during an emergency.

· Limit multiple accesses

Biometric handgun safes can only be accessed by one unique fingerprint. The possibility of a second person gaining access to your gun is practically zero. However, some brands come with a second option that you can set and allow another party access to your a right fit.

· Temper resistance

Biometric handgun safes are designed to resist any forceful entry. If someone tries to vandalize the safe, it goes off completely, and they are not able to open it whatsoever. The manufacturer is the only way out when the electronics are tampered with.

If you’ve decided that a biometric handgun safe is the right fit for you, you would want to have all the features and advantages that come along with it. That’s why pricing should not be a primary consideration. After all, it’s a one-time purchase and should serve you for many years.



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